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Links to other World Wide Web Sites :

The following headings provide guidelines to research topics of interest.

NOTE: Inclusion in this list in no way implies that Hong Fook Mental Health Association endorses the information contained in these links. The Internet is an uncontrolled and unregulated medium, and may contain information which is of limited value or actually false.

Mental Health - home pages :

The following links connect to sources of information on Mental Health in Canada, the United States and elsewhere.

Yahoo Mental Health
Yahoo - Health:Mental Health:Institutes
Mental Health Research Institute
Yahoo - Health:Mental Health:Conferences
NSW Multicultural Health
Alcoholics Anonymous
Internet Mental Health
Mental Disorder in Canada
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse
The Health Communications Unit
Ontario Health Promotion Resource System
Centre for Health Promotion
Children's Mental Health Ontario
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Toronto Mental Health & Addictions Supportive Housing Network
Inmigrant Services :

Immigrant Services The following links connect to sources of information on Immigrant services for those who have recently immigrated to Canada, or who may be thinking of immigrating to Canada

Government of Ontario
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
United Nations Association in Canada
Chinese Health Services :
Alta Vista: Main Page
excite NetDirectory: General/Health and Medicine/Medicine/Altern
"Virtual" Public Health Center - Martindale's Health Science Gui
Health and Nutrition (Consumer Products and Services)
The Health Library
Occupational Health Service
Cambodian Services :
Khmer Health Advocates Inc.
Cambodian Information Center Homepage
Psychiatric Services :
American Psychological Association
Psychiatric Meeting List from C to H
Psychiatric Meeting List from I to N
Psychiatric Meeting List from O to S
Medical Conferences & Meetings - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
C/S Info Centre Bulletin :




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