Monday, March 27, 2017

Who we are?

Hong Fook Mental Health Association was established in 1982 to address the mental health concerns in the East & Southeast Asian communities.

We currently are able to work with the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities.

The Association aims to help people with linguistic and cultural barriers to gain access to mental health services.

We provide counseling, case management, assessment, consultation, advocacy, psycho-educational workshops and self help & mutual support groups, special English as a second language class, and housing services to community members with mental health problems and their families.

Also, we provide community education and mental health promotion activities.

We provide services within the province of Ontario.


Services and Program Goals

Hong Fook Mental Health Association in partnership with the target communities thrives to:

  • Promote the development of healthy mental status
  • Increase public awareness and knowledge of mental health, mental illnesses and, in particular for newcomers in their adaptation and adjustment process
  • Provide culturally competent, community based support services to persons with serious mental illness and other mental health problems
  • Assist persons with serious mental illness and other mental health problems and their families with the aim of improving their quality of life in accordance with their identified needs
  • Offer cultural competent consultation to other service providers in their delivery of mental health services
  • Facilitate access and linkages to services in the mental health system
  • Develop models of service delivery in collaboration with other service providers and funding sources to meet new and unmet community needs

Community based and culturally competent services to people with mental illness:

  • Information services and referrals
  • Short term support and counselling
  • Case management services
  • Self help & mutual support groups
  • Housing and support for people who are homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless
  • English as a Second Language Class for consumers

Resource Centre:

  • Consultation relating to mental health, culture and ethno-specific services
  • Workshops and conferences on cultural competency care
  • Resource library
  • Research and studies on mental health illnesses and related issues

Family Initiatives:

  • Consultation
  • Counselling services
  • Self help & mutual support groups
  • Education workshops

Prevention and Promotion Program:

  • Community education on mental health issues
  • Stress management workshops
  • Education material in the languages of our target communities
  • Collaborated community events
  • Groups

Volunteer Development Program:

  • Volunteer orientation and training
  • Wide scope of volunteer activity such as befriending people with mental illness; escorting persons living with mental illness; community events; fundraising activities; committee work; clerical duties
  • Volunteer support group
  • Volunteer recognition

Referral and Cost

Our case management services are available to Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese speaking individuals who:

  • are 16 years of age and over with mental health problems or a mental illness
  • live in Toronto, and
  • consent voluntarily to service.

Referrals are from individuals, families, friends, and health and social service providers.

Scarborough Head Office

  • 3320 Midland Avenue, Suite 201
  • Scarborough, ON, M1V 5E6
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 493-2214

North York Branch

  • 1751 Sheppard Avenue East, G/F
  • North York, ON, M2J 0A4
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 492-0644

Downtown Branch

  • 130 Dundas Street West, 3rd Floor
  • Toronto, ON, M5G 1C3
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 595-6332