Monday, March 27, 2017

Our Services:

HFMHA provides a continuum of mental health services covering the spectrum from 'Wellness' to 'Illness'. We work with clients towards 'Recovery' and immigrants in their adjustment through the migration process. We provide counseling, case management, assessment, consultation, advocacy, psycho-educational workshops and self help & mutual support groups, special English as a second language class, and housing services to community members with mental health problems and their families. Also, we provide community education and mental health promotion activities.

Case Management Service facilitates the planning and coordination of services for the clients and their family members in their recovery journey with the goal of maximizing clients' capacity through culture sensitive service, education and programs both within the Association and in conjunction with other service providers.

Supportive Housing Service aims to help people with mental health issues to gain access to affordable housing and, to provide them and their families with the required supports to enable them to live in the community.

Prevention and Promotion Program aims to empower individuals with knowledge of mental health and resources so that they can play a more active role when it comes to their mental health.

Self Help Program aims at facilitating consumers' recovery, promoting mutual support among them and building individual/ group capacities.

Family Initiative provides education and support groups for family members to strengthen their capacity in caring for their loved ones who are on their journey to recovery from mental illness.

Scarborough Head Office

  • 3320 Midland Avenue, Suite 201
  • Scarborough, ON, M1V 5E6
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 493-2214

North York Branch

  • 1751 Sheppard Avenue East, G/F
  • North York, ON, M2J 0A4
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 492-0644

Downtown Branch

  • 130 Dundas Street West, 3rd Floor
  • Toronto, ON, M5G 1C3
  • Tel: (416) 493-4242
  • Fax: (416) 595-6332