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Blossom of Hope Gala 2015 2015 Blossom of Hope Gala – Celebration of Care
Your support is needed to help the many programs and services of the Hong Fook Mental Health Association. Please be our sponsor!!

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“我的選擇”青少年活動課程 你家中的青少年是12-17歲嗎?

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Quieting the Restless Minds Quieting the Restless Minds
Hong Fook is honoured to have the world renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Zeig to conduct a workshop on treating anxiety and creating emotional impact.

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The Road to Healing A documentary of our clients and volunteers will be aired on Fairchild Television during Timeline Magazine on February 22, February 29, March 7, and 14 at 10:15pm. Their stories will touch your heart.

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週六, 十二月 20, 2014
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歡迎來到 康福心理健康協會

職場健康是康福整個運作的核心部分,我們的目標是促進僱員健康、安全和機構效率。我們多番努力去處理不同的需要,例如在保健福利中設立僱員支援計劃、提供流動電話及手提電腦、因應健康情況改動工作安排、對創傷事件的緊急應對、為員工和志願者實施背景審查以保障弱勢社群、員工康樂及健康委員會、員工培訓計劃、法規培訓(便利殘障人士接受服務、168法案、私隱及多元文化培訓、人權等等) 。閱讀更多


Youtube 我們以不同語言及方言,包括柬埔寨語粵語英語韓國語普通話越南話製作了與心理健康有關的短片。收看這些短片可對我們的服務、心理健康和精神病有更多認識。


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The result Hong Fook Gala 2012 Raffle Prizes Winners

1st Prize: 0002 - William McLaren
2nd Prize: 2584 - Helen Poon
3rd Prize: 1002 - Roy Knele
4th Prize: 4006 - David Lemire
5th Prize: 3853 - Ben Lee
6th Prize: 0479 - Chau Yin Ho
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